Sunday 12 November 2023 saw 44 Ladies play in the Northern Spring Tournament at Mowbray Golf Club.  Lindsay French from Prospect had a great day out and won both the A Grade and Senior Trophies.

Thanks to Jason Russell from Drummond Golf Launceston for his continued sponsorship of this event.

A Grade Iris Meek Stroke

Lindsay French 79

Elizabeth Barber 85

Elisa Cloherty      89

B Grade June Atkinson Stableford

Joscelyn Hewitt 40

Alison Henty 38

Marg Devenoges 36

C Grade Frances Hudson Stableford

Mary Arnold 37

Gail Bakker 34

Marj Colvill 33

Senior Trophy

Lindsay French

Not Senior or Junior Trophy

Eliza Cloherty

Teams Event Prospect

Marg Devenoges

Elizabeth Barber

Lindsay French